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2023 -2024
Housatonic River (MA)

 GRS Project

A total of 10 Geographic Response Strategies will be developed for the Housatonic River (MA) GRS Project.


EPA Region 1

Karen Way

GRS Project Coordinator


Nuka Research

Mike Popovich

Senior Project Manager


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Initial Work Group/Site Selection Meeting

Date and Time TBD 

via Zoom Video Conference

Work Group participants will be briefed on project goals and timeline, will review the site sensitivity data compiled by Work Group members including the EPA, MassDEP, the U.S. Coast Guard, and Nuka Research, and will identify 10 sites for GRS development.

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Summary

Site Selection Matrix and Key (DRAFT)

Site Surveys

Date and Time TBD

Work Group Participants
  • US Environmental Protection Agency
  • United States Coast Guard
  • Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
  • Towns of:
    • TBD

Work Group members will conduct site surveys at multiple predetermined locations to obtain additional information about each GRS site, to inform the development of tactics, logistics, and other elements.

Site Survey Schedule

Tactics Sub-Group Meeting

Date and Time TBD

via Zoom Video Conference

The Tactics Sub-Group will be comprised of select individuals from the project Work Group with direct experience and expertise in inland spill response, GRS development, and/or in-depth knowledge of the Housatonic River. The Sub-Group will review the draft GRS maps showing the tactics and strategies recommended by the site survey team. Changes to these initial tactics and strategies will be made and draft GRS will be developed for final review by the Work Group. 

Tactics Sub-Group Meeting Summary

Final Work Group Meeting

Date and Time TBD

via Zoom Video Conference

This will be the final meeting of the Housatonic River GRS Work Group. During this meeting, each draft GRS will be presented for review and comment prior to finalization.

DRAFT GRS Documents 

Final Work Group Meeting Summary

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