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2013 - 2014

Merrimack & Charles River GRP Project 

This project was completed in 2014.  The 10 Geographic Response Plans that were developed are listed below and are available at the Regional Response Team 1 website located here.


Merrimack River


MR-MA-01 Haverhill

MR-MA-02 Lawrence

MR-MA-03 Pine Island

MR-MA-04 Lowell

MR-MA-05 North Chelmsford/Tyngsborough

Charles River


CH-MA-01 Gridley Locks/Museum of Science

CH-MA-02 Magazine Beach

CH-MA-03 Bleachery Dam

CH-MA-04 Moody St. Dam

CH-MA-05 Norumbega

Thank you to everyone who participated in this project and who contributed to the development of these Geographic Response Plans.

This project was active from October 2013 until September 2014.


EPA Region 1

Karen Way

GRS Project Coordinator


Nuka Research

Mike Popovich

Senior Project Manager


Initial Work Group Meeting


MassDEP Northeast Regional Office in Wilmington, Massachusetts.

During this meeting Work Group participants were introduced to the project and briefed on project details including the site selection process, plan for site surveys, development of tactics for each site, and final development and approval of all GRPs. 

Site Selection Meeting


EPA New England Regional Laboratory in Chelmsford, MA

During this meeting, participants reviewed all site sensitivity data compiled from Work Group members as well as the EPA, MassDEP, and Nuka Research, and determined the five sites to become GRPs for the Merrimack and Charles River respectively (10 sites total). 

Tactics Sub-Group Meeting


EPA New England Regional Laboratory in North Chelmsford, MA.

The Tactics Sub-Group was comprised of select individuals from the project Work Group with response expertise and/or in-depth knowledge of both river systems.  This Sub-Group  reviewed draft GRP maps that incorporated those tactics and strategies recommended by survey team members during the site surveys.  Changes to these initial tactics and strategies were made and the GRPs were updated prior to review by the Work Group at the final Work Group meeting.  

Final Work Group Meeting


EPA New England Regional Laboratory in Chelmsford, MA

This was the third and final meeting of the entire EPA GRP Work Group.  The purpose of this meeting will be to review the 10 draft GRPs developed since the Site Selection Meeting.  At this meeting, the draft GRPs were presented individually and participants reviewed and commented on GRP content.  

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Site Selection

Below are the two site selection matrices for the Charles and Merrimack Rivers, respectively. Each PDF file contains a site selection matrix and key.


Charles River Site Selection Matrix

Merrimack River Site Selection Matrix

Site Surveys



As part of the Merrimack and Charles River GRP Project, Nuka Research conducted site surveys of the ten sites identified during the site selection meeting.  Below is a table of the site survey schedule.  Site survey summaries are available for upload via the links below the table and are also available on the Project Documents tab.


Merrimack River Site Survey Summary

Charles River Site Survey Summary


Personnel from the following organizations participated in the site surveys or otherwise provided input during the site survey process:

  • EPA Region 1

  • Lawrence Fire Department

  • MassDEP

  • Greater Lawrence Community Boating Program

  • USCG First Coast Guard District

  • Haverhill Harbormaster

  • City of Lowell Emergency Management

  • Cambridge Fire Department

  • Lowell Fire Department

  • Kendall Station Power Plant

  • City of Lawrence Office of Planning and Development

  • Nuka Research

Project Documents

Additional project related documents can be accessed here.

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